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Step by Step

Step 1 - Open new account

As soon as you have been registered in the school database, we will set up the canteen accounts (can take up to a week). After the accounts are set up, you will receive an email from us with the activation link where you can set allergies and daily limits. If necessary, please check the spam folder.

Step 2 - Charge and edit your account

After you have activated the account, you can top up your account either via the online portal or directly in our canteen. You can also make personal settings such as creating limits, permanent orders or booking our ALP plan. To block individual products, please contact us.

Step 3 - Account identification 

The first time you visit the cafeteria, we set your preferred account identification method (bracelet (+ 1,000 ¥) or fingerprint).

From now on you can fully use your account.

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