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Recharge Account

There are three ways to recharge your account:

      1. Cash
      2. Bank transfer
      3. Credit Card (+3.8 % handling fee)


To fill your account by cash, visit us in the cafeteria.
The money will immediately be at your disposal. 

By Bank transfer

If you want to charge your account by bank transfer, please transfer the amount to our account. Please specify as usage the name of the account that is to be charged.

Account name:    Maik's Kochloeffel SCHUETZE MAIK

                       マイクスコッホルッフェル シュッツェ マイク
Account number: 6917346
Account type:     
savings - 普通
Bank Name:      Sumitomo Mitsui (SMBC) - 三井住友銀行
Branch Code:    Azamino (573) - あざみ野支店 (573)


Please pay attention to any transfer charges you may incur. With this method it can take up to three days until the credit is in your account.

By Credit Card (+3.8 % handling fee)

You can easily charge your Account in your Login with your Credit Card

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