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Cashless Payment

In order to guarantee a smooth and fast operation in the cafeteria during the short breaks, we work with a cashless payment system.

This allows us to shorten waiting times at the checkout counters, so that everyone can enjoy the best possible time of their break.
The system we are using call "Lunchbox"

Every child or teacher gets their own account, which works like a prepaid account.

Once you have charged your account, you can use it immediately.

To identify the accounts, we offer two options:
      1. by fingerprint (free of charge)
      2. by wristband (one-time charge of 1.000 Yen)


After your account has been opened, you will receive an e-mail with the activation link included.
Here, you will have the possibility to set individual allergies, to create limits and much more.
In addition you are able to check current account movements, to recharge your account and to set up a notification that will automatically send you an e-mail when your balance becomes low. If you like to block products for your child, please contact us direct at the Mensa or by mail.


Information concerning Fingerprints


The fingerprint provides the safest way to protect your account from external misuse. For this, we are working together with the company M2SYS, which is specializes in this field.
Your fingerprint is stored with an AES 128 bit encryption on our servers in the house. It does not store the entire fingerprint, but only special points (template) of the outline. For more information, please read the information letter from M2SYS.

Magnetic Wristband

For those who do not want to provide their fingerprints, we offer a magnetic wristband (expense contribution of 1.000 Yen) as alternative identification method. The wristband is available in four colors (black, red, yellow, blue) and in two sizes (50 mm and 60 mm diameter).
Should you or your child lose the wristband, we ask you to inform us immediately through this form, so that the wristband can be locked. Please note that until the time of notification, we do not assume any liability for possible misuse of the accounts.

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