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How to order and Cancel Lunch

Dear Parents,

here we will explain you how to order and cancel the Lunch.

Please be aware of following rules

  1. All orders have to be made until Friday midnight for the following week.

  2. Please ALWAYS make sure you ordering only days where your child is in the school (Group A or Group B) We will NOT return any miss orders afterwards.

  3. Everybody needs to preorder, also children with an ALP Plan.

  4. Please ALWAYS give your child his own cutlery to the school. We will NOT give out any silverware.

  5. You can Cancel your order until 8am the same morning.

  6. KG and GS will eat their Lunchbox in their Classroom, SEK will come for Lunch in to the Mensa.

Pictures - How to order and Cancel Lunch

Order - Step 1

Order - Step 2

Order - Step 3

Order - Step 4

Cancelation - Step 1

Cancelation - Step 2

Video - How to order and Cancel Lunch